The Annual Lecture

Over the last three years, we have been both stimulated and enthralled by outstanding speakers. In 2014, the pollster, Professor John Curtice as we approached the independence referendum. In 2015, Dr Alistair Macintosh as we looked at spirituality and our much endangered environment; and in 2016, Sir Kenneth Calman who made a journey of enquiry for us into the level of our quality of life in Scotland today.


The Annual St Mary's Lecture 2017


The St Mary's Annual Lecture 2017 was held on Thursday 6th April. The Lecture was given by the Revd Lt. Col Nicholas Mercer, Human Rights Lawyer of the Year 2013.


A wine reception followed the lecture.


The 2018 Lecture will be 14th June at 7.00pm

Science and Faith.


Dr. George Marshall is now Sir Jules Thorn Lecturer in Ophthalmic Science. He obtained his first degree in biology from the University of Sheffield. He then obtained a Master's degree from Sheffield and, eventually, his Ph.D. in Ophthalmic Science from Glasgow in 1991.







John Curtice

















Alistair Macintosh