Clydmen Lunch Club

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Since its beginning, St Mary's has had a strong link with shipbuilding on the Clyde. That history continues today with most of St Mary's members coming from shipbuilding families, if not shipbuilders themselves.


St Mary’s started the Clydemen Lunch Club in early 2015. Its aim is simple: to be a place where those men whose labour, craft and skill made the Lower Clyde so renowned, can meet, enjoy good coffee and an excellent buffet lunch. But more than this: they can share memories, learn together from talks, exhibitions, films and excursions. Here the men can reminisce, enjoy company, make new friends and rediscover lost ones.


Clydemen is a popular rendezvous for many former shipyard men – tradesmen, craftsmen, managers and shipyard owners; all have a place and identity at Clydemen.  
The programme of speakers is varied and topics have included, Stanley Spencer, Shipbuilders on the Clyde, The Titanic, The Denny Tank, Warship design, The Kursk Submarine disaster as told by the rescuers, Scotts Shipyard, and the Ship Collection of the award-winning Riverside Museum Glasgow.




From Hawaï to Hiroshima: The War in the Pacific

Next Clydemen: 12th February
Tuesday 11.30am

Speaker: Brian Fidler









Meeting each month Clydemen has a fine coffee room dedicated by the Bishop of Glasgow & Galloway, where the members gather before adjourning to the large hall. Here, they listen to great speakers. These talks stimulate conversation, prompt memories and laughter and ensure the pride and respect that the men once knew is not lost. 




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