St Mary’s Episcopal Church Port Glasgow, is a friendly and open Christian community of Episcopalians.  We believe in Jesus Christ, the One in whom God fully revealed Himself and who sustains and encourages us in all the ups and downs of life.

We meet each Sunday at 09.00 am for a quiet reflective Holy Communion and at 11.00 am for Eucharist - and enjoy coffee afterwards. We also meet on Wednesday at 10.00 am for Coffee and Communion. Here we follow Biblical themes led by our Ministry Team. It’s popular, the coffee is good and we grow in faith together.

Our faith and life as followers of Jesus are expressed in our mission to Port Glasgow: an After-School Club for children; Heartland Circle for older people and those affected by Dementia; Clydemen, a Lunch Club for men who formerly worked in the shipyards that made Port Glasgow world famous; we run a seasonal Charity Shop, and support activities promoting human flourishing. We proactively support a Women’s Refuge, the Leprosy Mission Scotland and other Christian organisations and pioneering ecumenical initiatives.

For all who are bruised by life, or have lost their way; for all who want to know what life is really about  - but also for those who seek friends and help, St Mary’s opens wide its doors and arms.

Happy and Blessed 2020!