Wonderful World

This Service is to give thanks to God for the beauty of creation and the world's provision from land and sea.


Each year, we focus on a theme. In 2014, it was Farm Africa and we bought cows, pigs, goats, chickens and honey bees for women farmers in Central Africa.







In 2015, we remembered and celebrated that we are a coastal town. Our attention was on the harvest of the sea but also the men and the women who go to sea and bring us fish and cargo. We supported the Mission to Seafarers.




In 2016, we remembered those who are afraid and hungry in the refugee camps across Europe. We supported our friends in the Anglican Diocese of Canterbury who are providing material help and assistance for those left behind - specially children now that the Calais Jungle has been dismantled.






In 2017, we will be supporting Farm Africa again hopping to raise money for seeds and fertiliser. We will be, as they say, giving it some welly!!